A new class, Critical Designer/Activist Engineer, starts in 2016. Investigating Normal: Adaptive and Assistive Technologies, a design depth course for juniors and senior undergraduates, will run its fourth session in fall 2016.

investigatingnormal-crop-d56af9192364117e46ebbbe76360427bbb3790af297be99b5b2bc4d9d48a4952.jpg Two people stand in body socks—informal prosthetics and performative wearables— in a public plaza. From Sara Hendren's project, Unknown Armature.

Investigating Normal

IMG_1904-d56af9192364117e46ebbbe76360427bbb3790af297be99b5b2bc4d9d48a4952.JPG Mapping Accessibility Workshop, MediaCity Seoul, with Taeyoon Choi, Sara Hendren, and Alice Sheppard

Critical Designer/Activist Engineer