We partner with individuals and with organizations. Our work may be realized as engineering, or design, or art — but it’s often some hybrid combination.

Projects get started through the “test kitchen” of Sara Hendren's course for undergraduates, Investigating Normal, or stand alone as ongoing collaborations.

ramp-crop-d56af9192364117e46ebbbe76360427bbb3790af297be99b5b2bc4d9d48a4952.jpg An aerial shot of students building a 24-foot square wooden ramp, a stage landscape for dancer/choreographer Alice Sheppard and her collaborator, Laurel Lawson.

Ramp/Kinetic Light

with Alice Sheppard and Yevgeniya Zastavker

January 2016–ongoing

acousticmobilitydevice-crop-d56af9192364117e46ebbbe76360427bbb3790af297be99b5b2bc4d9d48a4952.jpg Carmen tests a cane with audio—hooked up to an amplifier and microphone, it now senses and

Acoustic Mobility Device

with Carmen Papalia

September 2015–ongoing

lowtechengineering-crop-d56af9192364117e46ebbbe76360427bbb3790af297be99b5b2bc4d9d48a4952.jpg Students sit on cardboard furniture and adaptations tailored to their own bodies: standing desks, custom stools, and more.

Low Tech Engineering

with Adaptive Design Association

September 2014–ongoing

limb-crop-d56af9192364117e46ebbbe76360427bbb3790af297be99b5b2bc4d9d48a4952.jpg Chris Hinojosa, born with one arm but not a prosthesis user, tries on an early prototype for a modular socket that would accommodate single use extensions, like one for rock climbing or biking.

Socket and Limb

with Chris Hinojosa

January 2015—ongoing

Eating tools-a-d56af9192364117e46ebbbe76360427bbb3790af297be99b5b2bc4d9d48a4952.jpg Cindy, who lost most of all her fingers following complications from a heart attack, uses this set of tools for daily eating.

Engineering at Home

with Caitrin Lynch and Cindy

June 2015–February 2016

alterpodium-crop-d56af9192364117e46ebbbe76360427bbb3790af297be99b5b2bc4d9d48a4952.jpg Amanda Cachia, an art historian and curator who also has dwarfism, stands with a cardboard prototype of a lectern for short stature.


with Amanda Cachia

March 2014–ongoing